Naturally finished leather (or full-aniline) is soft and natural, displaying nature's characteristics and markings. It ages beautifully and develops a soft patina over time.

bulletThe most supple and sumptuous leather
bulletReceives the least amount of processing; aniline dye permeates the full-grain hide, leaving its natural character intact
bulletExhibits healed scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and subtle differences in grain and shading
bulletEvery hide accepts dye differently; dye lots will vary
bulletShould not be placed in a location with direct sunlight
bulletRequires normal leather care and maintenance

Nubuck leather (or brushed) maintains the softness of naturally finished leather while providing an incredible brushed look and feel.

bulletA beautiful leather with a lush nap
bulletExhibits noticeable natural marks and grain variation
bulletMore durable than a true suede, but requires more care than a natural leather

Waxed leather (or distressed) has a top layer of wax applied creating an antique, rugged look that will age gracefully over the years.

bulletSubtle color variations add to its rustic beauty
bulletEach piece of distressed furniture is unique
bulletNatural markings are very apparent

Protected leather (or semi-aniline) has a pigmented finish applied to the surface for protection from stains and to improve the consistency of color from hide to hide.
bulletMore uniform color and texture; natural grain is still evident
bulletDurable, less likely to fade
bulletIdeal for young families with children and pets, or for high-traffic areas
bulletEasiest leather to clean and care for

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